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American Changer Corp & Hoffman Mint – Making Change and Tokens For The Amusement Industry.


Whether your business is small or large Hoffman Mint and American Changer understand the nature of your business. Providing innovative changers and tokens designed to keep your profits secure and dependable. Visit us online at www.americanchanger.com and www.hoffmanmint.com for a complete view of all our innovative changers and custom token designs. The leaders in arcade […]

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At Allied Specialty Insurance, we understand that your business is one of a kind. That’s why you can count on us to always be there for you with a family of unique insurance solutions. Ammusement Facility Insurance Fair and Festival Insurance Programs Motorsports Outdoor Amusement Insurance Special Event Liability  Special Insurance  We’ll design a policy […]

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Arcade Equipment Parts by SUZO / HAPP


SUZO – HAPP offers a complete line of redemption equipment parts, arcade equipment parts & vending equipment parts. Their knowledgeable sales staff is ready to assist you in making sure you get the right arcade equipment parts the first time. With monthly specials and a huge inventory Suzo-Happ will have what you need. Visit them online […]

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FIRESTONE FINANCIAL – You’ve Been Approved!


Fireston Financial isn’t affraid to say those three special words you have been longing to hear. This past year over 90% of business owners who applied for financing with Firestone Financial were approved. No, that’s not a misprint. While banks cut lending, Firestone Financial funded over 2,700 contracts to more than 1,500 customers. Call us today […]

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PunchLine Amusements is rapidly expanding their product line of high quality Boxing games to include several new kiddie rides. Their current list of kiddie rides include the helicopter kiddie ride, police wagon kiddie ride, a baby elephant kiddie ride and a cabriolet car kiddie ride. All the kiddie rides have bright cheerful colors that are sure […]

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AAMA and AMOA begin an Innovator Awards Program for 2011


What’s the objective? • To recognize the efforts of manufacturers and suppliers in bringing exciting, new products to market for the coin-op and entertainment industry. • To create and perpetuate a truly elite, coveted honor—as viewed by industry operators and distributors. What’s the criteria? The program is open to all exhibiting firms at the March […]

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NAMCO’S Speedy One Stop Technical Support for Redemption Plus Customers


Our consulting arm, Pinnacle Entertainment Advisors by Redemption Plus, works on game operations with many customers that own and operate their own games. “One of the greatest challenges our customers face is consistent, effective, and affordable technical support, parts and repair service,” said George McAuliffe, Pinnacle President. To help address this issue, we have created […]

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Cotton Candy Factory Recieves NAMA Certification


VendEver announced today that their Cotton Candy Factory has officially passed certification with NAMA (National Automatic Merchandising Association), the national trade association for the vending, coffee and foodservice industries. NAMA certification is important for vending machines and required by some states to meet health and safety regulations before a machine can be legally operated. It […]

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Arcade Equipment by LAI GAMES


LAI GAMES is a developer and manufacturer of Pay to Play Prize Vending, Ticket Redemption and Novelty Games. Our International Research and Development team consists of 35 of the world’s brightest Game Designers, 3D Artists and Programmers who are all committed to bring innovative & high income producing games to the market. After the development […]

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Arcade Equipment by ITS GAMES


When it comes to arcade equipment Incredible Technologies games provide an incredible experience for their players/customers. You can’t venture into any sports bar without seeing the world famous Golden Tee Golf Game. This marvel of arcade equipment design has captured the imagination of would be golfers the World over. With the release of the new […]

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