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At the 2010 IAAPA in Orlando, Bechmark Games displayed a huge 11′ game called POP IT EXTREME. The concept is simple and beautiful. The object of the game is to stop the spinning pointer on the “ Instant Balloon Pop” red
marker and win the Jackpot. If you miss the red target and land on either side, you will win tickets and “ADD AIR” to the balloon.

Pump enough air into the balloon and it POPS and you win the jackpot. Walk away and the next player wins . . . maybe! And when it POPS you and everyone in a 20′ radius will hear it. Its addicting to watch as it is to play. Who doesn’t want to “pop a balloon” especially one that’s over 42″ in diameter. For the faint of heart and budget minded a smaller version is available and is just as addicting and fun to play. Adding a POP It to your redemption circuit will only enhance your customers experience. For Benchmark Games complete line of arcade equipment visit them online at or call 561-588-5200


  • L.E.D. lights (no bulb changes).
  • Intelli-Triple ticket dispensers
    (holds 36,000 standard tickets).
  • Holds 36 balloons when fully loaded.
  • Earns over $1000 in sales before re-stock
    (re-stocking is quick and easy!).
  • Rewarding sound system for crowd pleasing play!
    Plus, the balloon draws attention when it
  • Operator adjustable.

Trap Door is another great new game featured by Benchmark Games. 

Every player can WIN…

Skillfully stop the SPINNING LIGHT in WIN ZONES, which will cause the TRAP DOOR to crank open, until finally, the prize falls through the chute! Then, to reload the prize, a claw automatically seeks out and grabs another toy & drops it on the TRAP DOOR, ready to play!

The player watches the TRAP DOOR open little by little, the prize getting ever so close to dropping, and they just can’t stop till they win!

Display your best plush, and TRAP DOOR will keep customers lined up to play!

  • Low-maintenance, high-revenue merchandiser.
  • L.E.D. lighting for long lasting service.
  • Innovative trap door and mouse-trap snap-claw (*patents pending)

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